Tor Portraits

Photos of Glastonbury Tor
by Lesley Delamont and Bill Glenn

© Copyright Lesley Delamont 2004-05 and Bill Glenn 1999-2000.
Collage by Palden Jenkins

The Tor and Stone Down from the east
The Tor from Lottisham, from the southeast
The Tor from Street Hill
The Tor from the west, with Wearyall Hill on the right Tor sunset from West Pennard
Holy cow on Stone Down The banks or labyrinth on the Tor
Th Tor from the pathway to the north Tor from the town
Tor seen from the Vale of Avalon The Tor as seen from Baltonsborough
or seen from the Vale of Avalon
The River Brue
The Mists of Avalon, as seen from Wearyall Hill View on the way up the Tor St Michael's Tower
Chalice Hill The Tor as seen from Tor View Avenue

   Glastonbury Tor 

Background graphic by Lesley Delamont. All photos Copyright Bill Glenn 1999-2000 and Lesley Delamont 2004-2005. Reproduction in any form
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